The free and open-source integrated
health information system

Ozone brings together:
  • OpenMRS 3 — Electronic Medical Records
  • SENAITE — Laboratory Information
  • Odoo 14 — Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Superset — Data Visualisation and Analytics
into a fully integrated solution for frontline healthcare professionals.

A comprehensive solution that fits all of healthcare.

Ozone can be deployed anywhere, from hospitals to community health programmes operated at the last mile. It adapts to a large variety of clinical use cases thanks to its flexible and configurable opt-in architecture.

Free to Use

Ozone is available as a free and open-source software under the Mozilla Public License 2.0. You can download, install and maintain Ozone while benefiting from the shared experiences of our community of use.

Cumulated Features

Ozone inherits all its features from the work done by the communities supporting its individual components. It just makes them work together as an easy-to-install entreprise-grade product.

Delegated Governance

All Ozone components are established free and open-source softwares of their own. They are governed, developed and maintained by their respective communities. 

Ozone will always use the community edition of OpenMRS 3

Forking away from the outstanding community effort behind OpenMRS 3 would be a misuse of global health resources.

Our pledge ensures that this will not happen.

Frequently Asked Questions

In short, Ozone = OpenMRS 3 +

Ozone augments OpenMRS 3 by integrating it with other health information systems, thereby bringing more features that frontline health workers need.

OpenMRS 3 is the central EMR component of Ozone HIS.  See what is Ozone.

We are working hard to provide multiple options for some components, and when we get there we will make sure that you can select your preferred blend of Ozone. In the meantime it is anyway possible to create your own distribution of Ozone with the changes that you wish to make. Reach out to the community to accomplish this.

Not so much, we have made sure that Ozone FOSS is a ready-to-use and comprehensive health information system that is as close as can be to an enterprise-grade system. However Ozone Pro does come up with additional features that make it fully enterprise-grade. The biggest difference however between Ozone FOSS and Ozone Pro is that Ozone Pro embeds a service level agreement.

Getting Started

Type the following commands in a terminal:

					git clone https://github.com/ozone-his/ozone-docker
cd ozone-docker

Then start browsing Ozone:

Join us

A product in motion and expansion

You are welcome to reach out and contribute to Ozone, or to engage in roadmap discussions.

Ozone Slack Channel (*) – Ozone Forum


(*) You need to sign up first to the OpenMRS Slack space by using this link