A rich patient medical record system provided by OpenMRS 3

Ozone is first and foremost an electronic medical record system built on OpenMRS 3 that supports clinicians at the point of care.

  • Patient Chart – all the patient’s medical data at a glance
  • Medical Ordering System – medications, lab tests, x-rays, procedures, referrals and more
  • Lab Results Viewer – a searchable and filterable lab test results grid
  • Clinic and User Dashboards – synoptic role-based dashboards
  • Appointments – manage appointments by care delivery services
  • Data Protection Policies – segregation of medical data following configurable business rules
  • Vertical Care Packages
    • Mental Health
    • Non-communicable Diseases
    • Physical Rehabilitation
  • Audit Logging – We need some text here to balance both columns.

Enterprise features for a fully integrated health information system

Centralized user management with single sign-on and role-based access control.

A global solution with localization and regionalization packages that include Data Protection Policies to provide a secure data infrastructure.

Sync offline data when reconnecting

Select patients and workflows, register new patients, review patient charts, and document medical encounters while offline. When reconnecting, Ozone will automatically pull down the latest version of the data added or updated.

Easily Manage patient invoices and inventory control

Ozone integrates OpenMRS 3 with Odoo to control medical supplies inventory, Medication Dispensing, Patient Invoicing, and more. To learn more about all the Odoo’s features integrated into Ozone,  the Odoo’s community, and governance visit Odoo’s official website

Review lab orders, track samples, and share analytical data

SENAITE brings an entire enterprise laboratory information management system to the mix. Ozone allows test order reviews, patient sample recollection, and test results visualizations that can be downloaded, emailed, and shared with the patient.
Find out more about all the SENAITE features integrated into Ozone on

SENAITE Website  – SENAITE Community


Powerful easy-to-use Real-Time interactive charts and dashboards

Ozone integrates OpenMRS 3 with Superset – Data Visualization and Analytics, to chart, sort, and filter all of the health information system’s data. Find out more about all Superset features included in Ozone, the Superset community, and governance on their official website

Tailor-made to your unique needs

Ozone is customizable – in terms of both workflow and functionality. We provide technical support to modify Ozone to match your needs. Other software components may be added to, replaced, or removed from Ozone. It can easily be integrated into an existing health information system infrastructure and support a high load or especially complex setups.